Watch a motorcyclist save a coffee cup from certain death

Nate Bos, a 28-year-old motorcyclist, was out for a leisurely ride in Orem, Utah, in early May when he spotted a cup precariously teetering on the back bumper of a second-generation Ford Explorer. Rather than watch the liquid-filled mug fall onto the road, and likely be lost forever, he decided to retrieve the drinkware and return it to its owner. "It just kinda struck me that it was a good thing to do," Bos told ABC News in an interview this week. "I knew right away, I knew when I saw that cup (that) I was going to give it to the lady. I was going to give that cup back."

Bos accelerated his 2003 Honda CBR 600RR up to the Explorer's rear bumper, tucked in low, and then grabbed the mug. After moving it to his left hand, and executing a 90-degree turn and a few impressively smooth shifts (sans clutch), he caught back up to the oblivious driver... who finally noticed him. Scroll below to watch the hand-off happen yourself.

If this story were told to his friends over a beer, few would have believed Bos. But thankfully, he caught the whole escapade on his helmet-mounted GoPro Hero 3 (filming in 1080p, no less). After posting it to YouTube, his stunt has gone viral.

"I've got 10 years riding experience. I really wouldn't recommend anybody else sneaking up on a car like that," Bos said wisely. But we'd take his advice a few steps further by telling riders to always wear full motorcycle attire and remind them that shadowing another vehicle, regardless of experience, is flirting with disaster - no cup is worth it.

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