Fowl Up At Belle Isle Grand Prix: Ducks Cross The Racetrack

It was like the Detroit version of "Make Way For Ducklings"

During practice runs before the Chevrolet Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix, racers encountered an oblivious mama duck attempting to lead her ducklings across the racetrack.
Coming up against a wall on the other side, the family of ducks began to weave in out of racing lanes trying to find a way out. Kind-hearted racecar drivers managed to avoid hitting the ditzy ducks. Eventually organizers threw a yellow flag and helped the ducks safely to the banks of the Detroit river, where the only cars they'll encounter are rusting away on the riverbed.

Last year, the Belle Isle Grand Prix was interrupted on its second day for a different set of problems: The track began coming apart at the seams. The organizers had attempted to fill potholes and other cracks with a rubbery filler, but it began loosening and created a hazard on the road. The track had to be closed temporarily. This year, the roads didn't fall apart during the races, thankfully.

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