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NCAA rules cause golfer to be fined for washing her own car

Here's an odd one. Autoblog readers even remotely familiar with the vagaries of certain National Collegiate Athletic Association policies may not be surprised to hear it, but our colleges and universities get pretty jittery about making sure even small rules aren't broken. (Well, that's when they're not busy perpetrating major violations, we suppose.) But even this one seems pretty wild.

The fuss started when an unnamed member of the woman's golf team (not pictured above) for a school in the West Coast Conference used a university hose and water supply to wash her car. (Specifics about the golfer's name and school haven't surfaced as of this writing.) This event caused the school in question to self-report something called an "extra benefits violation" – essentially a rule made to keep student athletes from getting special privileges that other students have no access to. A secondary violation was also reported, for using water and hose that were not readily available to the general student body.

The school also is said to have fined the golfer $20 – a figure that they believe represented the cost of the use of the water and the hose. A pretty expensive car wash, if you ask us.

However, Yahoo! Sports reports, in a conversation with an NCAA spokesperson, that the organization denied participating in the decision to fine and "does not consider the car wash to have been an extra benefits violation." If true, the craziest part of the story would seem to be that the school brought this upon its own head, out of a major paranoia about rules-breaking. Hey, at least the car got clean.

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