L1 Power Post offers low-cost Level 1 charging for EVs

One Illinois-based company is taking the "slow and steady wins the race" approach to public plug-in vehicle chargers. Telefonix, which has specialized in making retractable cord reels largely used in the aviation industry, is looking to drum up interest in its L1 Power Post, which is what the company says will be the first Level 1 charging station designed for public use, according to Plug In Cars.

Level 1 systems, which run on the same 120-volt current as US households and uses the standard SAE J1772 connector, only add about six miles of range per hour of charging to a typical EV. More importantly, the L1 Power Post, which Telefonix recently showed off at a Florida conference, will cost about $1,500. That's about 25 percent of what many public Level 2, 240-volt chargers cost, although those add as many as 25 miles of range in an hour.

Telefonix, which has been in operations for about a quarter century, is banking on cash-conscious public and private entities to buy its systems, noting that a Level 1 charging station at a workplace will still provide more than enough juice during a typical workday to get many EV drivers home. Telefonix notes that hotels and airports are other places that wouldn't require the speed of a Level 2 charger in most situations.

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