According to a survey by Halfords, a UK-based out accessories/auto parts retailer, people really hate the smell of wet dog in their cars.

That particularly pungent odor topped the list of the reasons people buy air fresheners for their cars, beating out other noxious scents such as dried spilt milk and children's vomit. The entire top ten list includes (in order):

1. Wet dog
2. Dried spilt milk
3. Child's sick
4. Teenage body odor
5. Festering fast food
6. Forgotten fruit
7. Sweaty feet
8. Cigarette/cigar smoke
9. Dirty diaper
10. Animal mess on shoes

The thought of having any of these odors in a small enclosed space like an automobile is enough to get us thinking about stocking up on air fresheners just in case. What do you think? Have you experienced any car odors that belong on the list?


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