An afternoon in Daytona Beach, Florida took a turn for the bizarre when a 29-year-old Florida woman set her car ablaze at a gas station while claiming to be God.

Police say Alexandra Barnes doused her sedan in gasoline and ran into the station, snatching a lighter before running back to her vehicle. Attendant Craig Walker chased after Barnes and tried to take the lighter from her hands. That's when he realized her intention to torch her car at the pump.

"I could smell gas on my hand from wrestling with her," Walker told WFTV 9 in Orlando.

Walker wrested the lighter away from Barnes, but she then dove into her car and produced another lighter. One flick later, her car was engulfed by flames. Employees inside the station disabled the pumps before the fire could spread.

Onlookers rushed to rescue two dogs that were still in the car and prevented Barnes from being hit by a car as she sat in the middle of the road, saying she was God.

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