Woman Unknowingly Transports 30 Pounds of Marijuana Over Border

Drug runners attached pot to vehicle undercarriage

Drug smugglers are always looking for new ways of moving their products across borders. One woman in San Diego unwittingly became part of their latest ploy for moving large quantities of marijuana across the border between Mexico and the United States.

According to NBC San Diego, a 33-year-old woman drove from her home in Mexico to her job in San Diego early Friday morning. While sitting in her car two unknown males approached and began removing something from the undercarriage. When they realized she was still in the car the men ran back to their own vehicle and drove away.

The woman contacted police who found six packages containing 30 pounds of marijuana held in place with strong magnets. The drugs had been fixed to her car without her knowledge. No arrests have been made and police say the investigation is still ongoing.

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