"Goo Goo GaJoob," indeed. Those inscrutable Beatles lyrics from I Am The Walrus about eggmen and a million other things might just apply to the latest stab at the electromobility market by Hyundai. The South Korean automaker recently unveiled its, yes, egg-shaped, one-seat electric vehicle at the Seoul Motor Show.

Hyundai's E4U (the four E's are Egg, Evolution, Electricity and Eco-friendliness) has a rotating front "sphere" allowing the 180-pound vehicle to go in any direction. Meanwhile, the vehicle, which includes a helmet that apparently doubles as the top of the "egg," has 500-watt motor that delivers a top speed of about 18 miles per hour. It's sort of like a Segway with a shell.

No word on if or when this vehicle will ever see the light of a production day. If you're curious for more, you can check out Hyundai's press release below.

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Reference Material E4U

The 'E4U,' exhibited at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show, is one of the winners of the 'IDEA festival 2012,' Hyundai Motor Group R&D Center's internal contest, aimed at discovering fresh ideas on future mobility. Hyundai engineers can voluntarily suggest and realize new ideas of future transportations during the festival.

* Weight: 80kg (including a battery)
* Hemisphere: voltage 24V/ power 500W / max. speed 30km/h / degree of freedom 2

[Key Features]
* The E4U, which has an egg-shaped, streamlined body, is a new concept of future mobility for one person.
* The name E4U embraces 4 Es; Egg, Evolution, Electricity and Eco-friendliness.
* It is designed to be driven at low speeds on narrow roads in urban areas.
* Both its speed and steering can be controlled with one electric motor in the hemisphere structure, which simplifies the system and makes it light.
* A driver can control the pivot of the hemisphere structure, which spins in one direction.
* Its speed and steering can be controlled depending on which direction he/she turns and how much he/she tilts the hemisphere.
* Its rear legs can be folded, and the side parts are also detachable, which minimizes required parking space.

About "IDEA festival"
Hyundai Motor Group's R&D Center has held the "IDEA festival" every year since 2010. Through the festival, Hyundai aims to discover fresh ideas on future mobility by encouraging its engineers to express their creativity and also to cultivate R&D culture that allows for active development of new technologies based on enhanced teamwork. The theme of 'IDEA Festival 2012' was 'Free Mobility,' which means future technology-adopted mobility with an addition of a fun factor. Hyundai engineers can submit their ideas and design, and during preliminary rounds, around 20 ideas are chosen, evaluated based on creativity, technology, fun and Relevance to the theme. The selected teams then compete in a presentation contest, and are graded based on creativity, technology, fun and production feasibility. About half of them make it to the finals. The final ideas are actually produced and demonstrated on the festival day, which is dedicated not only to competition, but also to celebration of their efforts. The winners are awarded with prize money and trips to other countries.

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