Italian border police found 12 gold bars worth a ton of money -- either $7.5 million or $6 million, according to different news sources -- hidden in a car on Easter Sunday during a routine check of a family vehicle.

According to, the car was driven by a 53-year-old Italian man who was a legal representative at a Swiss company. He was taking his wife and three children on Easter holiday.

Police decided to search the car when they noticed how nervous the family looked. The car examination uncovered a hidden compartment that stashed the 12 gold bars, which were wrapped in newspaper.

The man was unable to explain why possessed the bars or how he got them and his wife gave "evasive answers," according He was charged with money laundering and the gold and car was immediately seized.

The bars didn't bear any engraving and their source is currently unknown, according to NBC. An investigation is currently in progress. Check out the video above to see police uncovering the hidden compartments.

Raw video of the gold discovery:

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