When Alfa Romeo makes its triumphant return to the US with the all-new 4C by the end of this year, it appears that some customers could have a hard time getting their hands on one of these sporty little coupes. Automotive News is reporting that not all Fiat dealers will be getting Alfa Romeo franchises, and that allocations of the 4C, at least initially, will be limited to the best-performing dealers.

Fiat plans to ship only 1,000 4C models to the US each year, but it isn't clear how many Fiat dealers will actually sell Alfa Romeos and which will be the first to sell the 4C. Currently, there are 202 Fiat dealers in the US, and that number is expected to increase to 220 by October. A previous stipulation for Fiat dealers to sell the Alfa Romeo brand was the mandatory inclusion of an attached service department, but this requirement is being pushed back until more Alfa Romeo models are on sale in the US, which should happen in 2015.

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