We're not sure if Nissan's new video for its Leaf Nismo RC is purposely silent to prove a point about the car's quiet drivetrain or not, but we appreciate the calmness of watching the electric powered "racecar" make its way through the S-curves of an unidentified track.

Nissan Europe last week posted the nearly three-minute video (watch it below) of the Leaf Nismo RC ("racing concept") traveling at a rather leisurely pace. The video's got no sound, of course, but the tracking shots are great.

Nissan first unveiled the concept car at the New York Auto Show in April 2011. The RC is notable for being almost seven inches wider than the standard Leaf, having a ground clearance of 2.4 inches and being about 40 percent lighter than the regular Leaf.

The Japanese automaker is doing what it can to continue preaching the gospel of its EV. This week, Nissan said it surpassed 50,000 sales globally, including about 7,000 Leafs in Europe and about 20,000 in the US. All those Leafs have been driven more than 162 million miles so far, Nissan said.

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