Our friend Chelsea Sexton, co-founder of EV advocacy group Plug In America, says that Nissan, Coda and other electric-vehicle makers need to focus more on the heart and less on the head when it comes to pitching EVs to prospective buyers.

Sexton, who was recently hired by Nissan as a consultant, spoke with Plug In Cars and explaind that she thinks customers need to know more about what an enjoyable and fun driving experience cars like the Leaf can provide, and not merely the benefits of not having to fill up with gasoline. This is a message she's been trying to get across for, literally, years. Companies also need to be more involved in online communities of alt-fuel vehicle drivers and give potential buyers more opportunities to test-drive the vehicles, she said.

Sexton, who went as far as calling Coda's efforts "tragic," also said automakers need to discourage their dealers from marking up EV prices above the MSRP. Curiously, Sexton also said the low-volume Honda Fit EV, and not the Leaf, was the best EV she'd driven that didn't have a Tesla powertrain.

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