Days of heavy snow shut down a stretch of the M-10 highway between Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia, causing a traffic jam that stretched 125 miles on Sunday, according to CNN.

Snow began falling in Western Russia on Friday, kicking off the weekend-long nightmare. By the time it stopped, about 3 feet covered the ground. The heavy volume of snow caused roads to become impassable and resulted a backup that stretched 125 miles.

As cars and trucks sat idly and workers rushed to clear lanes, drivers complained that cafes and stores along the highway were raising prices in order to take advantage of the stranded commuters and gas stations reportedly ran out of fuel, adding to the stress of the situation.

According to an RIA Novosti report
, the Russian Emergencies Ministry set up warming stations with hot food and even had psychological support available to drivers struggling to get through the ordeal, as many drivers had been stuck for days.

Efforts to clear the roads have since made progress easing the backup, though CNN reported that about 34 miles of highway were still jammed on Sunday night.


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