With hopes of grabbing a 10-percent market share in the US by 2017, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said the automaker is planning on increasing production capacity in North America, which includes building more Infiniti models outside of Japan. In an interview with Automotive News, Ghosn touched on freeing up existing capacity and adding new lines in North America for both brands, and he gave an indication as to where the Infiniti brand might be heading in the near future.

The report says that Nissan's combined market share in the US has dropped slightly to 7.9 percent – partially attributable to a lack of US capacity – but this could change over the next couple years. First, Nissan plans to open a new plant in Mexico next year. Next the opening of a Brazilian facility in 2014 should allow for extra capacity at the current Mexican plant, which builds cars for North and South America.

As far as Infiniti goes, Ghosn says the automaker is too dependent on Japan for these luxury cars, and adding a line of Infinitis to one of Nissan's Mexican plants seems to be the course of action we should expect. Ghosn also touched on future product saying that Infiniti should worry about selling more high-volume cars rather than getting a low-volume halo car based on recent concepts like the Emerge-E. A production version of the Leaf-based Infiniti LE Concept is still planned for 2014, though, and the new G is said to debuting in January at the Detroit Auto Show.

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