• Ford Restoration Parts 1940 Ford Coupe body shell
  • Ford Restoration Parts 1940 Ford Coupe body shell

Ford Restoration Parts 1940 Ford Coupe body shell
  • Ford Restoration Parts 1940 Ford Coupe body shell
  • Ford Restoration Parts 1940 Ford Coupe body shell

Ford Restoration Parts 1940 Ford Coupe body shell
  • Ford Restoration Parts 1940 Ford Coupe body shell
  • Ford Restoration Parts 1940 Ford Coupe body shell

Ford Restoration Parts 1940 Ford Coupe body shell
  • Ford Restoration Parts 1940 Ford Coupe body shell
  • Ford Restoration Parts 1940 Ford Coupe body shell

Ford Restoration Parts 1940 Ford Coupe body shell
  • Ford Restoration Parts 1940 Ford Coupe body shell
  • Ford Restoration Parts 1940 Ford Coupe body shell

Old cars always play a huge role at the SEMA Show each year, and fans of the iconic 1940 Ford Coupe should pay extra attention. The car that needs only be referred to as the '40 Ford will be offered in a complete steel body shell from Ford Restoration Parts using the latest welding and rustproofing technologies.

Pricing for the complete body shell will start at $11,990, and it comes with a choice of firewall options for those building a car with an original flathead V8 or more of a custom build with a bigger, more modern engine that requires a modified firewall. Of course individual body parts can also be purchased, but all of the new parts are sold exclusively through Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts. To show off this new body, Ford will have a customized '40 Ford at SEMA with a 5.0-liter V8 under the hood, a chopped roof and we're assuming quite a few other modifications.

Ford Restoration Parts just recently expanded its body-in-white offerings to include 1965 through 1967 Mustang Convertibles, but it also offers full bodies for the 1965 to 1970 Mustang coupe, the first-generation Bronco and more than 9,000 other officially licensed reproduction parts.

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Return of a Legend: Iconic 1940 Ford Coupe Body Shell Now Available for Hot Rodders and Classic Car Enthusiasts

-New reproduction 1940 Ford Coupe steel body shell complements Ford's existing stable of fully assembled classic Mustang car bodies

-The new 1940 body is officially licensed by Ford Restoration Parts and uses high-strength steel and modern welding techniques

-Hot rodders can order the 1940 Coupe with a modified firewall and install a larger, modern powertrain

-SEMA show cars featuring new body show high-quality construction

DEARBORN, Mich., Oct. 26, 2012 – One of the most cherished and collected classic cars of the pre-World War II and hot rod era – the iconic 1940 Ford Coupe – is the latest addition to Ford Motor Company's growing stable of officially licensed all-steel reproduction car bodies.

Available now for ordering, and complementing the 1965-70 Mustang bodies, the 1940 Ford
Coupe body is also constructed of modern, high-strength steel and is assembled using modern
welding techniques. The new body comes rustproofed from the factory and is ready to be
assembled as a custom hot rod or as a faithful tribute to the original.

At the upcoming Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show in Las Vegas, Ford
will display a custom 1940 Ford hot rod built using a reproduction body and a new bare body
shell that demonstrates the high-quality construction. Prices start at $11,900 plus shipping. The
full body shell as well as individual steel panels are available through Dennis Carpenter Ford
Restoration Parts, http://www.dennis-carpenter.com.

The fully built, copper-colored SEMA show car sports a new 5.0-liter V8 engine, four-speed
automatic transmission and Mustang II front suspension. The roof has also been chopped or
lowered to give the car an even meaner look.

"Like its older 1932 Deuce Coupe and younger Mustang siblings, the 1940 Ford is a bodystyle
and design that represents Ford at its best," said Dennis Mondrach, Ford Restoration Parts
licensing manager. "The 1940 Ford Coupe has always been highly sought after and collectible.
Unfortunately, good, solid restorable examples have become hard to find and expensive, so this
faithful reproduction is bound to prove popular."

The '40 Ford: Part of American culture
The 1940 Ford has had a major influence on post-World War II America, said Detroit automotive
historian Joe Cabadas, author of "'40 Ford: Evolution * Design * Racing * Hot Rodding."

"Bootleggers down south always wanted to know who had the fastest car," said Cabadas. "Because of its lightweight V8 engine, they started racing them on Sundays, and that is the beginning of stock car racing."

After World War II, the 1940 Ford was at the forefront of another major cultural movement – hot rodding. The '40 Ford got noticed by World War II veterans, who began buying up the cars and turning them into hot rods by adding performance equipment to the car's flathead V8 engine.

The 1940 Ford has been a fixture in Hollywood, appearing in countless TV shows and movies such as "American Graffiti," "Bugsy" and "Mulholland Drive."

"With their big fenders and integrated headlights, the 1937-40 Ford was one of the first
streamlined cars from Ford Motor Company," Cabadas said. "Edsel Ford had a hand in its style.
He wanted a family look for Ford and Lincoln vehicles, and so you can see some Lincoln Zephyr
in it. The 1940 was also one of the few cars in its price class with a V8."

Reproduction body: A blank canvas
Hobbyists looking to build a hot rod using the new 1940 body are limited only by their
imagination and budget. The new body is available with a stock firewall that accommodates
the original flathead V8. However, for those looking for greater performance from a modern
powertrain, the new 1940 Ford body can alternatively be ordered with a recessed firewall that
will allow much larger modern engines to be installed.

As with the officially licensed reproduction parts available for the 1965-70 Mustang bodies, Ford
also supports the 1940 Ford with an array of correct mechanical and trim restoration parts. To
see what is available for the 1940, visit www.fordrestorationparts.com.

Dennis Carpenter, owner of one of the nation's largest classic Ford restoration parts companies,
owes his start in the business more than 40 years ago to the 1940 Ford.

Carpenter was having trouble locating a good used set of dash knobs for a car he was restoring
– and still owns – so he approached Ford and obtained permission to reproduce the knobs using original factory blueprints and designs. Today his company, Dennis Carpenter Ford Restoration Parts, produces many Ford-licensed parts for the 1940 Ford. With the body now back in production, Carpenter is gearing up to add even more trim parts for the car.

"When you see a beautifully restored 1940 Ford, it is like a piece of jewelry," Carpenter said. "People just really love the lines of that car. It is timeless and appeals to all ages."

About Ford Motor Company
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