Security cameras at a local pawn shop captured a truly brutal hit and run in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The tape shows Shaun Lewis crossing the street in the early morning hours on October 6. As he gets into the middle of the street, car headlights can be seen. Then, before Lewis can do anything, the vehicle slams into him, launching him violently into the air.

The driver stops the car and gets out upon realizing what has happened, but promptly returns and drives off in appalling fashion.

"I remember running across the street and as I get half way I remember seeing some lights coming," Lewis told WSOC. "I figured he would go around me...I didn't have time to stop, jump or get out the way."

Lewis said he didn't even remember getting hit. He was somehow able to walk home and call the authorities after coming to. He'll have to walk with a cane as a result of the collision and is temporarily out of work, according to WSOC.

Police are currently looking for the driver.

"I don't want to see him locked up, but I want him to pay for him leaving the scene," Lewis said. "He shouldn't have left like that."

Check out the video for yourself above.


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