The crew from Translogic seem to be on a water power kick. Not too long ago, host Bradley Hasemeyer tried his hand at a water-powered jet pack, and while cool, the machine's ridiculous price tag seems a bit out of the realm of reality for common folk.

Now Translogic has turned its attention to the FlyBoard; a water-powered contraption that uses a snowboard-like base and two hand-held nozzles. The whole contraption lands at just under $7,000 and can be operated using any jet ski. That's still pricey, but more in line with what well-to-do folk looking for a toy can shell out – plus we can now see a business case for waterfront entrepreneurs to offer pay-per-ride attractions, meaning you're probably much closer than ever before to trying out a jet pack for yourself.

Hasemeyer seems to get the hang of operating the contraption easily enough, though his short stint at the controls doesn't lend him the expertise to pull off any stunts. Still, this looks like the easiest and least-expensive way to fulfill your Iron Man fantasies here in the real world. Check out the episode below for a look.

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