Mercedes-Benz took a moment at the Paris Motor Show to display its Aesthetics S Concept. Built as a combination static, physical sculpture and audio-visual presentation, the design exercise lends a glimpse at what we can expect to see from the next-generation S-Class. Mercedes-Benz projected a number of scenes onto the relief to highlight the design's lines and lineage, including images of W189, W108 and W126 S-Class models. Aligning the images of the S-Class ancestors with the new designs is a clever way to draw parallels between new and old.

Gordon Wagener, head of design for Mercedes-Benz, says the Aesthetics S Concept does more than point toward what's coming down the pike for the S-Class. The display also outlines what's in store for the rest of the company's products. Take a look at the Aesthetics S Concept in the video below for a better idea of what the next-generation of Mercedes-Benz products may look like.

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