An 11-year-old boy's quick thinking and heroic actions likely saved lives when a bus driver collapsed from a heart attack.

Robert Kelly collapsed while driving a school bus in Collier County, Florida, just a few blocks away from 11-year-old Jackson Bonar's house. Bonar was the last one left on the bus when he saw Kelly fall over, leaving the bus completely driverless and a serious risk to his life and others on the road. But, thankfully, Bonar knew exactly what needed to be done.

Using skills he gained from driving his family's recreational four-wheeler, Bonar grabbed the wheel of the bus, which was headed straight for a tree. He steered the bus into a much more malleable fence.

"I put my foot on the brakes, but the bus was still moving, so I turned the steering wheel [to make sure] that the airbag wouldn't go off and hurt him," Bonar said.

Bonar says that he doesn't see himself as a hero, but Kelly would like to disagree with him, according to WINK.

"Once in a while you get an extraordinary one like him, wise beyond his years," he said.


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