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The List #0180: Work As A Professional Stunt Driver

Working as a professional stunt driver is one of the most popular requests we get for The List. Making it happen, however, has proven to be a challenge. It isn't as simple as crashing a Hollywood set and sticking our hosts, Jessi and Patrick, behind the wheel of a car meant for Keanu's character. Not only would that require access we don't have (not for lack of trying), but the movie studios wouldn't let us film their set or show you the scene's final cut.

In order to check this item off our list and show you the results, we needed to get creative. We decided to go into the movie-making business and produce a short film that would give Jessi and Patrick an opportunity to apply the skills they've learned so far on The List. Trading in our blogging bylines for producer credits also lets us show you how a Hollywood movie set works when there are cars, cameras, helicopters and stunts involved. Spoiler Alert: It's a little dangerous, a lotta crazy and can get very expensive.

There are two videos for you to watch. The first is the actual episode of The List that shows what it took to produce a short film and check working as a professional stunt driver off our list. The second video is the final product, our short film called The Driver. And while, yes, we do plan on keeping our day jobs, our caps must nonetheless be doffed to the show's producer and director, Graham Suorsa, who somehow managed to pull all of this off.

Autoblog Presents: The Driver

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