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Union works at Hyundai resumed walkout on Wednesday after failing to workout a deal with management. About 45,000 unionized workers had been requesting that South Korea's largest automaker increase wages, and they've also been urging to end the nightshifts that workers say are dangerous.

According to the Detroit Free Press, workers at three locations will walk out for several hours on various days between August 8 and 17. Workers at Hyundai-owned Kia plants will walk out as well in a move to put added pressure on management.

Additionally, employees of General Motors in Korea are planning a strike. GM Korea is the third largest automaker in the country.

Hyundai Motor denounced the strike in a statement saying, "it is regrettable that a labor union has decided to go on strike and interrupt negotiations at this critical point. The union walkout is counterproductive and will harm the workers and Hyundai customers, as well as the company."

In the second quarter of this year, Hyundai Motor recorded a profit thanks to strong sales, but back home, Korean sales have taken a downturn as Japanese automakers ramp up production again. This was compounded by previous worker who went on strike in July, which Hyundai said reduced output by 14,080 vehicles worth $239 million.

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