CCTV cameras captured a drunk motorist driving down a road in Lincoln, UK on three wheels.

According to the BBC, Philip Dickens, a 28-year-old IT worker, was spotted by camera operators when they saw a car shooting up showers of sparks as it passed by. Police were notified and they administered a breathalyzer test after he stopped the car and stumbled towards the train station. Unsurprisginlry, he failed the test and was arrested.

Dickens had already driven 7 miles in a drunken stupor before he crashed into a wall and lost one of his front wheels. Police found the wheel of the Seat Ibiza on the front seat of the car. Prosecutors think someone stopped the car and returned the wheel.

Dickens claimed that he did not remember anything about the drive.

He was found guilty of dangerous driving and driving with excess alcohol and sentenced to an 18-month driving ban, a 12-month community order with supervision and 180 hours of unpaid work, as well as fines.

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