RallyCross driver shorts jump in X Games practice

The skill displayed by drivers in the RallyCross competition at X Games, particularly with the jump, makes it easy to forget just how dangerous the sport can be. Everyone was reminded of that earlier today, however, when Finnish driver and X Games rookie Toomas Heikkinen shorted the 50-foot gap, crashing into the steel ramp. Heikkinen's Fiesta eventually landed upside down, and fluids leaking from the car caught fire after he exited the car.

While the head-on crash looked devastating, X Games later reported that Heikkinen thankfully only suffered a broken ankle and minor abdominal pain. Needless to say, he isn't expected to participate in Sunday's competition, although Travis Pastrana demonstrated last year that a broken ankle doesn't necessarily have to keep you out of a rally car.

You can view different angles of Heikkinen's unfriendly meeting with the ramp in the embedded videos below.

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