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The List #0096: Photograph Your Car Like A Pro

Photographing cars is near and dear to our hearts at Autoblog. We're proud of the images we publish in our reviews because we take nearly all of them ourselves rather than hiring photographers to do the work for us, and the man who sets the bar for our team is Director of Photography, Drew Phillips. He's Autoblog's own in-house professional photographer, and he's taught each one of us the tricks of his trade.

Many viewers of The List have told us that they also aspire to photograph their car like a pro, and while it's a tall order to teach you everything the pros know in a ten-minute video, there are many tips and tricks we can share that should get you most of the way there.

Enter Jessi and Patrick, who are going to go through a mini bootcamp for aspiring automotive photographers in today's episode of The List. First thing's first, though: They have to detail the car, so Joe Fernandez from Superior Shine Mobile Auto Detailing was called in to teach Jessi and Patrick the basics of professional auto detailing.

Use the comments to post a link to your own best automotive photography, or share some more tips for getting the best picture possible.

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