Tesla's long awaited Model S has finally been EPA tested and it appears all those 'pie in the sky' range claims have been validated. The EPA's new test for EVs--more stringent than before--has pegged the top-end, 85 kWh battery Model S to have a range of 265 miles. Not bad. Tesla's initial estimates were around 300 miles, which some say could have been hit had the EPA stuck to their original testing methods. Either way, this is good news for Tesla, whose stock has since risen.

In addition to the range announcement, the EPA says the Model S achieves an 89 MPGe. This number is very close to the pack of smaller, less powerful EVs. Furthermore, the Model S is much more powerful with an output of 350 hp, while other EVs like the Nissan Leaf and Ford Focus EV come in closer to the mid-100s in hp.

Tomorrow, Tesla will begin handing over the keys to Model S owners. We expect that YouTube will be full of consumer reviews, especially of the magnificent touchscreen. We already had a chance to get a hands-on and will be bringing you the full experience tomorrow.

[Source: The Detroit Bureau]

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