Sony used E3 to introduce the PlayStation Move Racing Wheel peripheral, and so far it looks like everyone is mostly moved to say, "Hmmm." The 'wheel' is a round center section fitted with paddles (for shifting, say) and a set of plastic grips hung out to the sides, and the standard Move controller slots through the center. It looks something like Batman's virtual simulator for the Tumbler.

It has force feedback, the grips fold out – again, batlike – to provide a grip like motorcycle handlebars and the 'throttle' actually twists, and Sony says it delivers "precise motion tracking for responsive handling of your vehicle." A freestanding accessory, you hold it out in front of you in the air, which could make it the right gear for those who look askance at the empty-handed XBox Kinect folks, unwilling to completely pretend they're driving a car in a video game. If that's you, it will go on sale this fall. Head on over to Engadget for a quick review and video of it in action.

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