has evidently taken issue with a Consumer Reports video review featured on Autoblog advising consumers that they would be better off buying a used "regular" Prius instead of a 2012 Prius C.

Consumer Reports shouldn't have passed on recommending the Prius C, argues: "CR's low testing scores for the Prius C stand in stark contrast to our impressions of the hybrid."

Indeed. gushes over the tiny hybrid, saying it might even pick the C over the regular Prius. Furthermore, in attempt to poke CR just a little more, notes that used Prius prices are the highest they've been in six months, so looking for a deal there might not make for smart consumer advice.

In a final twist, says it didn't name the Yaris-based C as one of its Best Bets, in part, because it relies on Consumer Reports reliability surveys as one metric to qualify any vehicle as a Best Bet. The 2013 C doesn't have enough data to say how reliable it will ultimately be.

Toyota Prius c Information

Toyota Prius c

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