With Sacha Baron Cohen's latest movie, The Dictator, raking in box office millions, our friends at Hagerty Insurance have compiled a list of the Top 10 Dictator Car Guys. While we're familiar with the automotive fancies of some foreign rulers – like Kim Jong-Il, whose funeral was something of a classic car parade – this list digs deep into the annals of totalitarianism.

It's no surprise that among these powerful men, exotics from the likes of Ferrari were highly esteemed. What's more shocking is just how brutal some of these guys were. If you haven't cracked a history book in some years, consider this your impetus to at least read the Wikipedia entry for El Jefe.

So what was Sacha Baron Cohen's pick for his character's dictatorial ride? A parade of gold Dartz SUVs, of course. you can read the full article at Hagerty's website.

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