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The List #0051: Build a Car

Building your own car is another activity that viewers often request we cover on The List. Assembling a kit car or doing a ground-up restoration of a relic barn find seemed like obvious choices, but weren't very practical. So we donned our thinking caps and came up with a cool alternative to the normal concept of building your own car: assembling your own Local Motors Rally Fighter at the company's micro factory near Phoenix, Arizona.

Building your own Rally Fighter is part of the purchase price when you order one of these crowd-sourced off-road coupes from Local Motors. For $74,900 you get the vehicle along with the experience of helping them build it, as well as your accommodations and meals.

We've driven the Rally Fighter before, but haven't taken you behind the scenes like this to see what the process of buying one is like and how they're built. Jessi and Patrick are going to do that for us, so hit Play to see what this updated notion of building your own car is really like.

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