Yes, you can make some extra cash by letting electric-vehicle drivers charge up at your house.

That's the pitch from General Electric for its WattStation Connect cloud-based program that lets homeowners publicize their availability and charging rates, according to Wired.

While PlugShare and Recargo already have applications that let folks offer their charging-outlet availability, WattStation Connect takes it one step further by letting keepers of the plug lay out hours of operation and payment rates. GE has even brought in PayPal for payment collections.

GE is looking to capitalize on both the expected growth in sales of plug-in vehicles throughout the U.S. and concerns from prospective plug-in buyers over where they can charge up outside of their homes. Currently, about a third of the 9,000 electric-vehicle charging stations throughout the U.S. are publicly accessible, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

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