If you were one of the world's richest human beings, what kind of car would you own? The richest man in the world, Carlos Slim Helu (worth about $69 billion), drives himself to work in a Bentley Continental Flying Spur. MSRP: $300K.

On the other hand, if you were Ingvar Kamprad, founder of Ikea, you'd drive something more humble like a 1993 Volvo 240. We wonder if he had to put it together himself.

Then there's Bill Gates. Another of the world's wealthiest people, Mr. Gates showed a video at the 2008 CES keynote of him driving away from his last day at work at Microsoft in a Ford Focus. While that may or may not be his daily driver, one of his cars has been well documented.

In 1999, President Clinton signed into law the "Show and Display" rule that exempted certain collectible cars from government emission and crash worthiness rules. Bill Gates and several other very rich motor nuts were instrumental in getting the law passed. The exemption allowed Gates to break his Porsche 959 free from the customs impound lot after more than a decade.

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