The Maybach Type 62 (Daimler).
Using cash rebates to entice car shoppers to buy a certain vehicle is common practice these days. Offering six-figure rebates, however, is remarkable.

Luxury car maker Maybach, an arm of Daimler (which also owns Mercedes-Benz), is trying to move its uber-luxurious Type 57 and Type 62 sedans off of dealer lots by offering up to $100,000 cash back to buyers. That's more money than the great majority of cars available in the U.S. cost.

Of course, both of the sedans cost an exorbitant amount of money to begin with -- $376,300 - $416,200 for the Type 57 and $427,700 - $467,600 for the Type 62 -- but the $100,000 rebate still amounts to a significant percentage off of the sticker price. It's sure to make some one-percenters very happy.

Hyundais have barely $800 in rebates.

The big discount is a result of Daimler's decision to kill the Maybach brand at the end of the model year. According to a Forbes report, "Daimler has not turned a penny profit on Maybach since 2002 when it was introduced." The German company will start looking to special, limited- edition and long-wheel-base versions of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class to fill its top of the line luxury spot.

The Maybach Type 57 comes with a V-12 engine and an insane amount of luxury features and creature comforts on the inside. Hand-fitted leather seat trim, hand-polished wood and leather trim on nearly every surface, a Bose sound system with 21 speakers and a rear audio-visual system with dual video monitors and a DVD player are just a few of the things on this car that make it worth that $400,000 price tag.

The Type 62 has the same engine and features, but employs a longer wheelbase for more interior space.

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