Our neighbors to the north do scandal a little differently. According to The National Post and The Globe and Mail, political candidate Danielle Smith and her tour bus has aroused some controversy thanks to a pair of ill-placed wheels on her campaign wheels. Smith is campaigning in the Alberta election as a member of the right-wing, liberterian Wildrose Party, and while her staffers initially approved the bus design, they didn't notice any issue with the portrait's placement early on. Then Twitter jumped in. It wasn't long before the image of the bus was bouncing around the internet and collecting laughs.

Early this week, the campaign announced it would, in fact, change the design to reduce distraction as much as possible. The change likely won't come cheap, however. A full-size wrap like the one on Smith's tour bus can cost more than $10,000.

While Wildrose party leaders have hinted the dust up wouldn't have occurred if the candidate had been male, independent evaluators have found the election to be gender-neutral so far.

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