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Switzerland-based Catecar extended-range vehicle is tested in Geneva

A Switzerland-based company is testing an extended-range plug-in mini-vehicle that it says gets more than 200 miles per gallon and has a single-tank range of more than 300 miles, according to website

The company, Catecar, tested a prototype of the vehicle at the Geneva Airport this week. The car weighs less than 800 pounds, while its batteries account for about 10 percent of the vehicle's weight, according to the website. Making the car even more energy efficient are the solar panels on the vehicle's roof.

At just under 10 feet long, Catecar is about a foot longer than Daimler's Smart ForTwo two-seater and about two feet shorter than the Mini Cooper. In other words, it's not big – but the company does have big plans, and production could start next year, TechnologicVehicles reports.

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