Artist uses rust as brush to paint cars

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There's a thin line between patina and outright decay, and artist Bo Lundvang seems to understand that threshold all too well. He's created unique pieces of art using massive 40-inch by 20-inch sheetmetal panels wrapped in white vinyl. The artist cuts out the profile of his desired image, removes the negative and allows the metal to endure the elements. Once the panels have reached the appropriate level of patina, Lundvang seals the pieces in several layers of clear coat to prevent further deterioration. The designs are appropriately stylish for office or garage decor, and Lundvang has crafted artwork based on everything from classic muscle like the 1969 Dodge Charger above to modern supercars like the McLaren MP4-12C and Koenigsegg CCX.

The artist hasn't listed any prices, so if you like what you see, you'll have to head over to his web site and reach out through email. Too cool.

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