The Sim-Lei is an EV approved for use on the Death Star

Looking for all the world like an elongated Mitsubishi i MiEV that a Stormtrooper would drive, the SIM-LEI recently made an appearance at the 2011 Electric Vehicle Industrial Exhibition in Tokyo. It's been a while since we first caught wind of the SIM-LEI and we've been curious to get a better look at this super-efficient prototype ever since. And now we have.

Developed by Hiroshi Shimizu – the man behind the amazing eight-wheeled Eliica vehicles – the SIM-LEI produces a combination of numbers that puts other all-electrics to shame. Numbers like 0-to-60 in 4.8 seconds and 77 Wh/km (123.9 watt-hours per mile). More numbers? How about 305 km (189.5 miles) at 100 km/h (62 mph) with a 24.5 kWh battery. Eat your heart out Nissan Leaf.

If SIM-Drive, Shimizu-san's company, sees its vision realized there is another number we'd like to see associated with the retail version of this vehicle; $24,900. That's the price they calculate they could sell it for in volumes of 100,000 units. Perhaps that's a long shot, but hey, you've got to have goals.

But enough of numbers. Hit the jump for excellent video that explores the SIM-LEI inside and out (check out that 19-inch display!) and let us know where you stand on efficiency and performance versus Clone armor.

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