Autobild recently set out to settle the question of which M vehicle is the fastest in the BMW stable at the moment. Not surprisingly, the German enthusiast publication found the BMW M3 CRT to be the quickest around the Sachsenring, setting the magazine's fastest time around the track with a 1:38.37 minute lap time. That's impressive, but not nearly as astounding as the time drummed up by the new BMW M5. The portly sedan did the same deed in 1:38.90, or just three hundredths of a second slower than the special-edition M3.

And what of the sibling rivalry between the BMW 1 Series M Coupe and the standard M3? As it turns out, the magazine's shoes have given the nod to the smaller of the two coupes. The 1 Series M Coupe barely eked out a win over the M3, though the M3 Convertible took nearly two extra seconds to make it around the course than its hardtop twin.

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