European automakers irked over proposed noise standards

Ward's Auto reports the European Commission is pushing new measures that could burden automakers with stiff noise regulations for cars, buses and trucks. Under the proposed legislation, automakers would need to curb vehicle noise levels by two decibels two years after the legislation's wording is agreed upon by EC member countries. Another two decibel reduction would occur three years after the first installment. Trucks, meanwhile, would be forced to reduce noise by one decibel in the first wave of reductions and two decibels in the second wave. Officials behind the proposed rules say the change will slash road noise by 25 percent and greatly improve the health and quality of life of European citizens.
Automakers are busily lobbying for amendments to the proposal, saying they have issues with the timing, levels and legal categories contained within the noise-control measures. The European Automobile Manufacturers Association says that while the first step could be implemented immediately, the second step could take as many as six years to accomplish. Head over to Ward's to read the full report.

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