We like to think we're a pretty talented bunch with plenty of marketable skills. We make a mean slice of toast, for example, and we've been known to demonstrate a unique mastery of sleeping on airplanes.

Even with those boundless abilities on our side, there's a laundry list of activities we can't perform with any aplomb. Take drawing cars, for example. Despite all of our high school doodling, we can't put pen to paper without our creation looking suspiciously like an impressionist Lada Niva. It's just not pretty. Fortunately, a new project on Kickstarter may be able to help us hone those skills.

Arvind Ramkrishna, the mind behind Driven Mavens, is working to release a two-DVD set that will walk viewers through the ins and outs of vehicle rendering. The set sheds light on how to craft a professional-grade marker sketch as well as a computer-generated version of your favorite ride.

The project has a variety of donation levels, but the low price of $40 nets you both discs as well as a comprehensive hard copy sketch guide. Head over to the Kickstarter page to check it out for yourself.

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