Infographic: KBB looks at 2011 in the rearview mirror

Boy, that 2011 was a doozy, no? Earthquakes, tsunamis and floods; Arab Spring uprisings; Occupy protests, or as the highly respected yet entirely fictional Dr. Peter Venkman once said, "Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!"

This year has indeed been one to remember for the world at large, and the auto industry was anything but immune to what was happening to the world's populace.

Kelley Blue Book
has put together a nifty color-coded infographic to take us back through 2011. It quickly reminds us how much of an upswing the industry as a whole was in for before the devastating earthquakes and tsunamis hit Japan in February. After that, the entire playing field shifted, largely in favor of the already surging U.S. domestic automakers, the Korean brands and Nissan, which had the good fortune of not having nearly as much of its production interrupted as Toyota and Honda.

As 2011 closes, it would seem that the auto industry is once again approaching equilibrium, where all manufacturers are competing on just the merit of their wares, though as this past year has taught us, nature can change that in an instant.

Follow the jump to scan the entire infographic for yourself and let us know what automotive moments of the past year you'll remember most by leaving a comment.

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