Tesla announces pricing, options and battery specs for 2012 Model S

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Tesla will deliver its first Model S next summer, and the up-start automaker has just released official pricing details on its all-electric sedan, along with options and battery specs.

Pricing for the Model S is broken down depending on battery capacity and the resulting range, with the 160-mile version commanding $57,400, the 230-mile variant priced at $67,400 and the 300-mile Model S coming in at $77,400. There's also the $87,400 Perfomance model which has the same 85-kWh battery as the 300-mile version. It's worth noting that if you check the new Model S page, Tesla lists pricing after the $7,500 federal tax credit, which is a bit disingenuous, but to Tesla's credit, it has kept pricing perfectly in line with previous announcements.

The battery specs have also been officially announced, with the 40-kWh pack providing a 160-mile range, a top speed of 110 miles per hour and a 100,000-mile warranty; the 60-kWh pack juicing up for 230 miles, a 120 mph top speed and a 125,000-mile warranty; and finally, the aforementioned 85-kWh battery pack delivering 300 miles of range and a 125 mph top speed in standard spec and a 130 mph top speed in the Performance version. The last two come with an unlimited mileage warranty and Tesla makes a point to clarify that ranges are based on an average speed of 55 mph.

Standard kit includes 19-inch wheels and that awesomely massive 17-inch touchscreen display in the dash, while 19-inch aerodynamic wheels that boost range by another 20 miles are optional and come in at $1,500. If you're so inclined, you can opt for 21-inch hoops ($3,500), metallic paint ($750), panoramic roof ($1,500), Nappa leather ($1,500), air suspension ($1,500) and the $3,750 Tech Package which includes back-up camera, a power hatchback and keyless entry. You can also option up for an upgraded onboard charger good for 20 kilowatts and an additional 62 miles of range per hour ($1,500), along with a high-power wall connector for the custom charging system that will set you back $1,200.

Start speccing your own at the 2012 Model S build page and check out Tesla's official statement here.

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