Angry Jeremy Clarkson fires back at Daily Mail

Jeremy Clarkson has finally taken on the row that's erupted over his comments about striking public workers. As you may recall, Clarkson jokingly said the workers should be shot in the head for refusing to go back to work. The Daily Mail ran with those comments, portraying Clarkson as staunchly anti-labor instead of the loveable blowhard that he is. The BBC has since received a landslide of complaints and parliamentary badgering over the Top Gear host's often controversial comments. Now Clarkson has shot back in his Sunday Times column, comparing The Daily Mail to the Terminator, incapable of distinguishing right from wrong.

Clarkson really rolled up his sleeves and let loose on the paper, saying he felt the wrong publication was shut down in the aftermath of the phone hacking scandal in the UK. We can hardly blame Clarkson for baring his teeth. The Daily Mail went so far as to drag Clarkson's mother into the mess, calling the matriarch extremely right-wing. Remember, Daily Mail, even bad men love their mommas.

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