Neighbors complain about Mercedes-Benz's flagship NYC dealership

Mercedes-Benz may engineer its vehicles like no other in the world, but its flagship New York City dealership is another story. According to the New York Post, neighbors have complained to the city for weeks about loud air vents and showroom lights.

"They're horrible neighbors," one disgruntled Manhattanite told the newspaper.

Nearby residents describe the noise as "like a roar," "like a vacuum cleaner in a wind tunnel," and "overwhelming." The dealer has been cited for exceeding legal noise levels, according to the report, but has yet to do anything about the problem. While the general manager at the dealership seems contrite, fixing the problem is going to take time.

"Our engineering company has put together an initial study but not a final proposal of what materials and engineering are going to be required," he told the newspaper. "When that's going to be finalized I can't tell you."

Here's an idea: Service loaners to the neighbors until it gets fixed?

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