eBay Find of the Day: Timewarp 1993 Ford F-150 Lightning

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Long before Ford turned its attention to building one of the most capable production off-road trucks in all the land, the company's SVT engineers spent their time trying to wring the most straight-line speed possible from an F-150. The result was the first-generation Ford F-150 Lightning – a vehicle that still manages to pull at our heart strings eighteen years after it debuted. If you're still sore you never got the chance to own a brand-new F-150 Lightning, eBay Motors has something special for you. A seller in Saint George, Utah is auctioning off a 1993 Lightning with just 37,850 miles on the clock.

Judging by the photos and the description, the truck is as close to factory perfect as you're likely to find anywhere. The owners is proud to say no aftermarket equipment of any kind has been added to the vehicle in its life, and the 351 V8 still looks fresh. Purists may cry foul at the tonneau cover, but the seller says that piece is a dealer-installed original. The paint, interior and engine bay all look clean enough to dine on with no rust, stains or leaks anywhere to be found. It looks like a million dollars, but the seller is only asking $15,500. Head over to eBay Motors to take a look.

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