Can removing your late spouse from your auto insurance policy raise your premium?

The auto insurance industry is strange. While past driving history plays a small role in deciding a driver's premium, insurance company research on prior claims determines a driver's likelihood of getting into an accident. That's why it's more expensive for young males to insure their vehicles than young females, and why married couples typically enjoy a discount on their coverage compared to their single friends. But what happens when a drastic life change moves an individual out of one risk pool and into another?

The Consumerirst reports that for one young widower, losing his wife to cancer also meant a 10 percent increase in his premiums. The individual called his insurance company to remove his spouse from his policy, expecting the decrease in the number of household drivers to translate into a lower bill. The insurance representative expressed sympathy for his loss, but explained that since he's now single, he's lumped into the same risk pool as unattached drivers.

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