New EV range record, 1,000 km (621 miles), set by modified Citroen Berlingo

There's an old adage that in racing, how fast you can go is directly correlated to the depth of your pockets. A similar truth applies to electric vehicle range, as the new world record holder can attest. BEA-tricks, a German company that specializes in EV conversions, recently packed a Citroen Berlingo with 10 (!) lithium-ion battery packs, the kind typically found in the Smart ED. With a whopping 180-kWh (!) of cells on hand, the Berlingo was able to scratch out 621 miles of travel in 17 hours (!) on a single charge. Even more impressive is the fact that the company says that the battery array still had plenty of power left over, and that the vehicle could have conceivably covered an additional 100 miles.

We're guessing the stop had more to do with the fact that BEA-tricks couldn't find anyone who could possibly stand being crammed into a Berlingo for 19 hours straight. There were other downsides, too. For starters, the vehicle's entire cargo area is consumed by the battery packs, and BEA-tricks isn't saying how much a conversion of this magnitude would cost. Our educated estimate puts the final figure somewhere between "a lot" and "a whole lot."

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