Los Angeles

Why is Nintendo going to the LA Auto Show?

The LA Auto Show is less than two weeks away, which means every automaker that will be in attendance is putting the finishing touches on what their executives will say during their respective press conferences. It goes the same for each automaker: An exec will talk about sales numbers, maybe brag about some newly bestowed industry award, and then a new concept or production model will be rolled out. There is one company, however, that will likely do none of that.

If you look over the official list of press conferences for the LA Auto Show, you'll discover that Nintendo has a spot near the end of the second day. Now, companies not endemic to the auto industry have hopped up on soap boxes during auto shows before, but none from any industry we hold so dear to our hearts as video games.

What could Nintendo possibly have to say or show? We don't know. There's speculation that Nintendo could be getting into the business of automotive infotainment, but we've seen no evidence to support this hypothesis. Since Nintendo hasn't leased any space at the show, MotoworldHype guesses that it might announce some kind of partnership with an OEM. Whatever it is, Nintendo is remaining tight-lipped, saying only, "We'll have more info coming soon, but nothing more to announce at this time."

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