Volt beats Leaf in October sales: 1,108 to 849

March 2011. That was the last time Chevy sold more Volts than Nissan did its all-electric Leaf. Ever since then the Leaf has managed to outsell the Volt each and every month, oftentimes rather convincingly. That is, until last month. Sales numbers for the month of October 2011 are in and the Volt recorded 1,108 deliveries while the Leaf managed 849.

Of course, winning the battle doesn't mean winning the war, as the Leaf still holds a commanding lead in the year-to-date sales category with 8,066 units sold to the Volt's 5,003. Both vehicles also recorded a few extra sales last December when they first went on sale, though they share January 2011 as their first full month of being available to purchase in the U.S.

Both automakers are targeting U.S. sales for their respective vehicles of about 10,000 units in 2011. Despite the slip last month, Nissan seems capable of reaching that target if it can finish out the year with two months of 1,000+ sales. Chevy, however, would need a miracle of both production and marketing to pull off selling the same number of Volts in the year's final two months as it did in the first ten.

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