2012 Ferrari California goes on diet, powers up

CAR Magazine reports that Ferrari is planning to give the 2012 California a slight update. The refresh begins with an additional 30 horsepower from the 4.3-liter V8, bumping the final figure to 483 hp thanks to revised engine mapping and improved innards. It's worth noting that the extra pep is only available when the tank is topped off with 98 octane fuel, though the ECU will accommodate 95 octane as well.

The new model will also tip the scales at a skinnier weight than its predecessors thanks to a greater use of aluminum alloys in the chassis structure. CAR reports that engineers have managed to cut as much as 66 pounds from the vehicle.

With more power and less weight, the 2012 California should provide increased performance if the report turns out to be accurate. CAR also mentions that the optional Handling Speciale package now features upgraded dampers paired with an ECU that boasts a 50-percent improvement in response rate. Sounds fine by our ears.

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