Tesla employee plane crash still under investigation

tesla motorsBack in February of 2010, a tragic plane crash in Palo Alto, CA took the lives of three Tesla Motors employees: 56-yeard-old Doug Bourn, who was piloting the Cessna 310, 31-year-old Andrew Ingram and 42-yeard-old Brian Finn. In August of 2010, Ingram's family filed suit against Bourn.

Now, some 20 months after the fatal crash, investigators are still perplexed by the event. Federal investigators claim the Cessna 310 was operating as intended before it struck a 60-foot transmission tower and plummeted to Earth. The report, released by the National Transportation Safety Board, claims that during the plane's final moments in the foggy sky "both engines were operating near full power" and that the recovered propellers showed "no indications of failure prior to impact."

But what the report doesn't reveal is the actual cause of the fatal crash. Federal investigators now say it will likely take a few more months to determine what led to the tragic crash. Investigators hope audible recordings from the area's police gunfire detection system – known as ShotSpotter – will assist them in determining the exact cause of the crash.

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